Why does back pain occur

September 23, 2023

Why does back pain occur?

As many of us are returning to some kind of normality. Perhaps returning to work or getting back to the Gym. Perhaps you have noticed a little niggle/ somethings quite not right. 80 percent of us will suffer with back pain at some point in our lives.

Most episodes of back pain settle after a couple of weeks, but some are more acute. It can lead to time off work and have a significant impact on quality of life if not treated. Back pain can occur for a number of different reasons from an accident or trauma, poor posture, repetitive strain, childbirth or in some cases no obvious reason. Back pain does not always come on immediately after injury, the reason for this is that our bodies are good at adapting and accommodating stress and strain. The disruption to spinal mechanics, however, can cause strain to build up over a period of time causing pain and discomfort.


David professionally has principally two aims when diagnosing and treating:

To identify and treat the cause of pain (muscle injury, joint strain, intervertebral disc damage etc.)

To understand why the back has been vulnerable to the strain and to improve spinal mechanics so preventively it is less likely to recur in the future.

Treatment varies depending on the cause and symptoms, and often there are several contributing factors. David prioritises steps you can take, to improve your health and lower your chance of developing chronic or long-lasting back pain.

Best wishes, David

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