We develop with stories and rhymes

June 12, 2022

Evolutionary psychologists put it down to the fact that humans passed knowledge through the generations by telling stories.

Most fables are a great tool to help us remember things, but strangely, some actually cause us harm if not true! Science has exposed much of these tales of wisdom that percolate as fact, however our belief in them, continues.

In the last ten years there have been some considerable breakthroughs in the world of pain science. In example; we are starting to understand that a major influencer of chronic pain is our relationship with it. If you have ever been told you have ‘wear and tear’, what image does it create in your mind? It does sound permanent. But this is not how the body works.


Misalignment appears to be particularly important in facilitating Osteoarthritic change rather than overuse. Just because you have pain now, it doesn’t mean you always will or that it will get worse. Take the right actions and you can change.

The way you repair is by getting the right hands-on treatment to accelerate the reduction in pain. Then nourishing your tissues with appropriate movement to stay loose, strong and coordinated.

Best wishes, David

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