Pain Care Diagnosis - Effective Treatment

August 09, 2020

Pain, Care, Diagnosis - Effective Treatment

Chronic or Persistent Low Back Pain (CLBP) continues to be a major cause of disability, occupatonal absence and increased healthcare use. Osteopaths utlise tools to assess and treat CLBP, which has multi-factorial causes.

Behavioural movement restrictions lead to more muscle tension, joint stiffness, sedentary behaviour and then a rise in fear of pain in normal physiological ranges. The one-size-fits-all approach of first line MSK exercises are often too demanding and further serve to pattern a ‘movement hurts’ belief.

Chronicity worsens and other difficulties may develop.

Pain can become an all-encompassing phenomenon and it is not surprising that patients with CLBP report higher than average levels of anxiety and depression.

With the Osteopathy along with Rehabilitation that David professionally offers, a therapeutic tailored healthcare intervention, being a useful evidence- informed set of techniques to guide people back to a less fearful, more mobile and more fulfilling life.

On average, osteopaths have significantly longer appointment times, which means David’s in a unique position to use his expertise to screen for conditions that may have a long delay in diagnosis. Osteopaths are recognised for our skill in supporting patients with long-term and chronic pain conditions.

In chronic pain as a whole – there are often emotional, historic and psychological factors that must also be addressed if the patient is to return to wellness counteracting behavioural patterns of fear.

Chronic pain patients need assessment and treatment that can address these encompassing factors. Best wishes, David

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