Osteopathy relieves Tension and inabilities to Relax

March 23, 2023

Osteopathy relieves Tension and inabilities to Relax

What does your body do while you are asleep, that is so important to health?

The Brain
Sleep has a natural cycle involving both rapid eye movement (REM) and non-rapid eye movement (nREM). Every total cycle lasts approximately 90 minutes and these cycles repeat throughout sleep. The average person, should aim to have 5 or 6 sleep cycles each night.

Muscles During sleep, the muscles in your body are at their most relaxed. This gives your body the chance to repair and rebuild your muscle tissue. Poor sleep can allow muscle overload, from exercise or the postural stresses of life.

Digestive System
While you are sleeping and your body is immobile, the digestive system is ideally allowed to rest and renew, after converting food into the energy you need to go about your busy day.

When you are awake, your body is stimulated by hormones which kick-start important processes. During sleep, tissues in your body recover.

The Skin
There is science behind the adage “beauty sleep.” This process is important for repairing damage from pollution and UV rays, rejuvenating your skin. A lack of sleep disrupts this renewal process.

Immune System
During sleep your immune system releases certain agents that fight disease and help protect you from ailments. The body’s way of encouraging you to get more sleep when ill, helps you to get better.

David’s treatment includes Osteopathic hands-on manipulation of tissues; additionally offering Medical Acupuncture, collectively increasing systemic balance and total well-being.

Best wishes, David

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