Change of Seasons

March 05, 2023

Change of Seasons

It’s such a vibrant and fast-changing time of year, which gives us all a lift. When the days get longer and the sun starts to shine, we get out in the garden, get back on our bikes, and dust off our running shoes.

This movement is good for our bodies and the fresh air is good for all of us.

Be Careful – We Have Been Hibernating!

However, this time of year is when we see a lot of injuries, caused by doing too much too soon. These experiences can lead to a regrettable avoidance, of healthy activities! It takes the body a while to kick back into gear.

It doesn’t cross most peoples’ minds to warm up before, say, doing the gardening, but it’s essential, especially for the first few times. Our muscles and joints stiffen when they’ve not been used much and our bodies system’s need to be ‘reminded’ of the movements, it previously practiced.

Appreciate your body as a whole; as our hip muscles also attach to the lower back and so do some of our shoulder muscles. Warming up and stretching afterwards, is scientifically proven, to gain you more ability and prevent injury.

Take It Easy
Spending a few minutes appropriately, warming up and then importantly stretching after to loosen up, will do you a huge favour. For the first few sessions, take it easier than you think you need to. It doesn’t take much to make a big difference, for yourself.

Best wishes, David

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